Let's talk about Mootopia, shall we?

California Milk Advisory Board - Mootopia / Gorgeous Hair- (2010) :30

In Mootopia, conventionally attractive women lounge near a pool of cow's milk, drinking said milk through straws and getting into spats because their shiny hair is just so shiny. This is, apparently, "part of another perfect day in Mootopia."

Mootopia is:
- 100% white
- 100% cisgendered
- 100% female

Problems: Beauty in Mootopia is white (even the dresses are white!). Women in Mootopia drink milk not for their health, but for its beauty-enhancing qualities, specifically its ability to promote lustrous hair- hair which is relatively straight- definitely not remotely kinky. Are these women friends? Their only interaction is a looks-based squabble, so I'd say no.

Overall, I'd say this advertisement reiterates cultural "common sense" when it comes to issues of gender: women are looks-obsessed, decorative (both women remain prone through the entire advertisement), and competitive with one another. With messages like these, it's no wonder sisterhood is tough.

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