Target Advertisement: Dating for Consumers

Target Advertisement

This Target ad depicts a heterosexual couple on a date. (Of course. According to the advertising world, queer people don't date. Or purchase things. Or go places. Possibly we don't even exist [even conventionally attractive women engaging in vaguely sexual contact with one another are played for straight- there's always a dude wearing Manly Body Spray or Deodorant or drinking Manly Beer involved.] But I digress.)

So, John and Jane are on a date. John purchases Jane a fancy-looking necklace and Jane says she didn't think they were "there yet," after which John clarifies that he didn't actually spend THAT much, and everything is okay. And by "okay" I mean incredibly awkward.

Women apparently need to be cajoled into serious relationship territory with men (which I assume we are meant to believe is sex, in this context) with very fancy, costly gifts. Dating as a capitalist venture! This is really brought home by the awkwardness that ensues for both parties after John admits he has not spent that much on the necklace. Frankly, I don't think this paints a very sympathetic portrait of men or women.