Manly Men: Lite Beer Edition

Miller Lite Ad

I think this ad is really interesting because it uses a woman as the voice of misogyny. The female bartender is scornful towards the beer-ordering male patron who doesn't appreciate REAL beer (which we're meant to believe is a masculine trait), telling him that when he's ready for a real beer he should "put down his purse" (ie rid himself of traditional signifiers of femininity) and order a Miller Lite. Presumably we're meant to be okay with this incredibly blatant anti-womanism because it is...coming from a woman. The message to both men and women is that women (and feminine men) have no appreciation for a good beer; in a bar setting, this translates to femininity being inherently shameful and embarrassing. (Though I should note that the female bartender does not have a masculine appearance; perhaps to make up for her aggressive persona, her appearance is hyper-feminine) This is another example of an advertisement based on the notion that Manly Men don't want any Girliness girling up their manstuff.

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  1. It's interesting to me too that "lite" food (i.e. low calorie food) is usually associated with women, who are of course always supposed to be on a diet. I've noticed more this branding of lite beer as super masculine. It just goes to show that no product is actually inherently masculine or feminine, it's whatever the advertisers want it to be.